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   Kam Kofod has established herself as a highly valued, activist in the Antelope Valley community. She currently serves as a local lead for NARAL, is a member of DCHD, Progressive Democrats, Antelope Valley Freethinkers ,Antelope Valley Clinic Defenders and Building the base.

    Kam has lived in Lancaster for over twenty years, she also lived in Hawaii for eight years where she worked with senior health and drug rehab organizations. During Kam's seven-year tenure in Virginia she worked to promote low income housing and with the LGBTQ community.
    Kam returned to the Antelope Valley in 2009 where she met her late husband James, and began working with incredibly dedicated activists and leaders in the Antelope Valley. She looks forward to the opportunity to continue to contribute in the ongoing development and prosperity of Lancaster. By bringing in more green jobs helping to establish a four year university, bring solutions for the homeless, and beautifying the area with more trees and drought-resistant landscaping making Lancaster a highly sought out area to live and raise a family.


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