If we want to see change in our country it starts with great local leadership, that is why I would like to represent Lancaster on the city council. Here are some of my policy positions and how I see the future of Lancaster, California and America.


The ever-rising cost of housing impacts most Americans. But, we can fight this at state and local level through community development, and  block grants, We also need to implement the Right to Shelter bill that is currently before the state Senate that will make it a requirement for every county to provide shelter to those in immediate need.


Improving our environment needs to start with their own home at the community level. Citizens of Lancaster should feel welcome to bring their ideas to the attention of our local Government. As a member of city council I will make sure they are heard, 
Personally I think Lancaster needs to plant more city trees. Trees clean the air, retain water in the soil and beautify the area. I would like to see 1000's of palm trees planted throughout Lancaster. There are a variety of palms that grow in our planting zone and would beautify Lancaster, making is one of the most desirable places to live in California.


The means by which new citizens come to this country needs a massive reform. Those who come looking for employment should be met with a system that is easy to navigate. And those who come to our borders seeking asylum deserve to be met with compassion. We need to stand with vulnerable people and recognize the benefits of immigration to Lancaster, California and America

Prison Reform

We need to recognize that our laws are not applied equally to all people. And we need pass legislation that is not biased against any single group.
We need to close all for profit, private prisons. We also need to focus on helping the people who are already in the system, and make sure that upon their release: they can get back on their feet once their debt to society has been paid.


 Our school system needs added resources and teachers salaries must rise to attract the best and brightest to our area, making Lancaster have one of the best school systems in the country.
We also need to build a 4 year university, so our young people can get a full education and start a strong career in their home town.

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Lancaster, CA 93534